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Got this idea from Presto.

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Date Created:27/05/2002
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A thirty-year-old aspiring author who spent the past sixteen years heavily involved in "Doctor Who" fan fiction. He created several award winning fanzines, including the Trenchcoat series of alternate eighth Doctor fiction. He has recently moved into "Harry Potter" fan fiction and is attempting to write his own original novels for publication.
Strengths: Dry sense of humour, strong sense of plot and dialogue, compassionate and passionate about urban political issues, even if sometimes he sounds like a Socialist.
Weaknesses: Can be shy, craves feedback too much, needs validation of his fiction. He has a very eclectic set of job skills that make employers uncertain where exactly he fits.
Special Skills: Drives streetcars, types accurately at 85 words per minute, knows HTML and is good with computers.
Weapons: Any number of streetcars at the Halton County Railway Museum (assuming the dispatcher isn't looking). A dry wit. And a pen. The pen is mightier than the sword.
Current Status (08/24/2002): Between jobs at the moment, and waiting for Orca Books' reaction to "Rosemary and Time". Very much in a holding pattern, although big things could happen before the year is out.

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